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um mole me mordeu

Attacks by baby moles: 1

In an amusing diversion to sticking cement in holes, Babywookie caught a baby mole. I would’ve thought of all the dogs he would be the least adept at hunting, but there you are. Perhaps he too was surprised because he brought the mole in his mouth to show me. Naturally I stole it from him immediately with the idea of making a toy for Mao. The little bugger showed his gratitude for having been rescued from the jaws of death by biting me on the little finger. Or maybe he was trying to say that he preferred being swallowed by a dog to being battered by a cat.

I put the mole in a shoebox, as you do. Mao was initially terrified, but soon saw the potential of a pet mole when he escaped from the box and started running around the lounge room. This was fun. Then he bolted into the kitchen where Babywookie was waiting. Cat and Dog momentarily forgot their differences to join forces rooting out the scurrying furry turd together. But the cracks and nooks of the kitchen played to the mole’s strengths and…

He made it to the front door unmolested…

He paused on the brink of freedom…

Then he was met head-on by Dingo who, in a blinding flash, snatched him up and…

It was all over.

catching the mole


  1. Diogo Vasconcellos e Sá May 3, 2010 10:49 pm Reply

    Dear Emma,

    By the way… the translation in the post was written by Emma on February 25, 2009 is wrong.
    It is not ‘um mole me mordeu’ but ‘uma toupeira mordeu-me’.


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    Emma   Reply: May 4th, 2010 at 10:03 pm

    It´s called Port-lish, diogo, and alliteration… it´s intended to amuse you … but thanks for the lesson 🙂

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