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You’ve visited The House, now get the t-shirt. Sorry, only one small size left. Medium and Large all sold out!

Seriously limited one-year-anniversary edition, you can be one of a small handful of people on the planet with a pastel de nata on their t-shirt.


And no one is going to say, “What´s the hell is that?” Unless they can’t read. Actually this t-shirt explains just about everything.


Where? Emma’s House in Portugal, it’s written on the back.

Why? Because I really need the money. Third night this week and there’s no dog food. And he hates spaghetti.

What size? This is a personal matter, for yourself. Are you Small, Medium or Large? I know it depends where geographically you are. In Vietnam, for instance, I am Large. In New Zealand, Small. The builder in the pics is wearing an Medium. If you’re stuck on this question, I can send you the t-shirt dimensions…

How much? A bargain €19.99 plus postage & spongey bag, at cost price, within EU €3.31, rest of world €4.71. So, basically €25 once I bribe the grumpy guy at the post office. Otherwise these hot t-shirts will get stolen for sure. I know it.


Expertly modelled by Handy Dan: Not job too big, no job too small and he’ll even do some photographic work if you ask nicely. And pay well. But I am not suggesting that these t-shirts are only for boys. No way. The Small fits me nicely, thankyou.

Buy One! Buy Three! Go Ahead! It’s all perfectly secure with Paypal.

Total including shipping

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